A Flying Knight Falls Prey to a Pawn

Chapter 76

Kei no takatobi fu no ejiki
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.76[1]
Volume Volume 8
Arc Shogi Girl Arc
Chapter Guide
Summer Wars
Don't Let King and Rook Get Close Together

A Flying Knight Falls Prey to a Pawn (桂の高飛び歩の餌食, Kei no takatobi fu no ejiki) is the 76th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Summer vacation has just finished, but the students have to take a test as soon as they get back. In the light music club, the four girls; Chihiro Kosaka, Ayumi Takahara, Miyako Terada and Elsie are busy practicing for the upcoming Dance Festival in November. Ayumi realizes there are only two months to go while Miyako wonders if they can prepare in time. She also comments they still have to look for a drummer, where Chihiro tells her all of the greatest band in history had a trouble with the drummer, so they are looking like a real band.


"Shool is the Shangri-La of gaming!!"

Keima Katsuragi, who realized that school was much better place to play his games than in his house during the holidays is happily playing games during the class. Just then Elsie comes and asks Keima to join Chihiro's band and become the drummer. Keima dashes off but Elsie capture him with the celestial robe, and begs for him to join. Keima tells Elsie to only bother him when it involves the runaway spirits and as he leaves, Elsie's spirit sensor activates, indicating a spirit is nearby. Though Keima wants to believe she's doing it on purpose.


Elsie relies too much on her brother

Two look around their surroundings but finds no one, until they hear someone calling Keima. Keima spots a girl under a bench looking for a Keima. As she gets up, she notices Keima and Elsie and asks if they have seen her Keima. A clueless Elsie tells the girl that Keima is right there, but girl then replies that she's looking for a Keima, the knight piece in shogi. Their conversations soon interrupted by a three group of guys who are from shogi club. The three came looking for the girl who came to pick a fight with school shogi club where the girl introduces herself as Nanaka Haibara from 2nd year Maijima Municipal Misato East High school.


Nanaka Haibara

Three guys then introduce Tasaka who is the chief of Maijima high shogi club. Battle between the two initiates. While Tasaka was continuously mumbling, Nanaka quietly plays and crushes Maijima's chief. As she leaves, she comments her opponent is only "that person".


Nanaka's classmate

Late afternoon, Keima and Elsie are walking home and discuss about how it looks to be tough conquering Nanaka. But Keima view this as a bonus stage as there's limited choices to choose from plus she is a shogi player. But the main problem was that she's in a different school. But Keima recalls he saw someone wearing the same school uniform. As Keima nears his house, he spots Tenri Ayukawa hiding behind the Cafe sign, who was surprised to see Keima behind her. Keima also realizes that Tenri has the same uniform as Nanaka.


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