10% Chance of Rain

Chapter 31

Jū pāsento no ame yohō
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.31[1]
Volume Volume 4
Arc Chihiro Kosaka Arc
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If the Rain Stopped
Singing in the Rain

10% Chance of Rain (10%の雨予報, Jū pāsento no ame yohō) is the 31st chapter of The World God Only Knows.



Yuta-kun's route

Chihiro has just asked for Keima's help to help her successfully confess to a guy, and he agreed. Without realizing until now, Keima does not have to capture the girl. He only needs the heart's gap to be filled by love, whether it's by him or by someone else. the next day, Keima gives a lesson on his plan, saying it will only take three days. As Chihiro is not interested in Keima's explanation and leaves the classroom they are in, Keima starts the plan right away. The guy Chihiro is targeting is outside the very classroom, and Keima gives a cup of coffee to Chihiro and pushes her into the guy. Chihiro is upset at what Keima did; he responds that each encounter makes the love grow. In the end, Chihiro follows Keima's plan, as he works his best to make the confession a success.


"Won't you be just a little serious?!"

The third day has come, and Keima is on the rooftop, putting the last part of the plan, the confession, at the ready. Suddenly, Chihiro comes to him with a bag of pork buns. Keima tells her that she should get ready for the confession, but she then offers a pork buns while saying "He he~, dear Fallen God. Here is an offering~~." Not able to resist the honorable offer, Keima feasts on the pork bun. Chihiro then asks if Keima wants to go to a restaurant later on, but he says that he's done being with her after she confesses. After hearing that, Chihiro states that she wishes to drop the confession. In astonishment, Keima complains about this, for he has given his all for this plan. He wants Chihiro to be serious about her actions, but she replies that even if she does so, nothing will change.


Keima chases after Chihiro

Chihiro leaves, and a bit later Elsie comes, asking how the confession went. Saying he has failed, Keima now realizes that he only was concentrating on the male's characteristic, not Chihiro's. Though the plan failed, Keima still believes that the spirit in her heart can still be chased out, if he does it.


  • This chapter's title references "10%の雨予報" (Jū pāsento no ame yohō), a song by H2O, a Japanese music group.